Swimwear White Label

Lulo Collective also provide white label services, which specializes in white label bikini and swimwear. We offer custom-made, private label swimwear for retailers who want to launch their own store.

The company’s owner and Fashion designer Juliany Marin, wanted to empower women by designing a line of swimsuits that offered the perfect fit and were made from high quality fabrics. The Lulo Collective team has spent years refining the designs and manufacturing process to ensure that we produce the highest quality products.

Pink Canna Bikini Set - Lulo Swimwear

What is White Label (Private Label)?

A private label is a product manufactured by one company, in this case us, and sold under a different company’s brand (Your own brand name). 

Print Canna Bikini Set - Lulo Swimwear
Blue Azalea Bikini Set - Lulo Swimwear

Who should use the white label service?

This service is for any established companies, models, startups or anyone who wants to launch their own swimwear brand. 

Key factors for white label

  • Made in Colombia
  • We offer “ready to go designs”
  • Custom made swimwear development
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Fair trade
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) – 60 Units
  • Blue Azalea Bikini Set - Lulo Swimwear

    Ready to launch your own swimwear brand with us?